Kymco Super Nex: between dream and reality all about the new Taiwanese bike

In: News On: giovedì, dicembre 27, 2018

The Taiwanese house has presented a truly amazing concept and above all outside of any scheme and from the past, in fact that of Kymco seems a real sign to the world of two wheels and a clear warning, they want to enter the world of motorcycles with an electric powered supercar with 6-speed gearbox that project them directly into the future.

During the EICMA in Milan, as we all know, motorcycle manufacturers have presented not only models coming out in the near future, but also all future ideas that can be both short-term and long-term. This is also what happened to the Kymco that as we know until now has been limited to the exclusive production of scooters, obviously appreciated by many fans. But now we begin to see a small change of maneuver, in fact during the show the attention was captured by the Kymco Super Nex, a revolutionary bike that could give the brand a new momentum and a wave of novelty.

Supersportiva electric with 6-speed gearbox and a friction clutch ever seen on the market are just two of the main features with which it was presented. Until now, however, we do not know if this is just a dream, a warning or a real project under construction, because as we know the Taiwanese house so far has never produced motorcycles but only scooters. But Kymco probably wants to make it clear to competing companies that there is a desire and above all the possibility to expand forcefully in a market, the racing and electric one at the same time that one thinks may be the future.

The Kymco Super Nex, after the original I-Onex project is definitely another interesting idea, obviously to be taken care of from a technical point of view, but which also makes us think a lot about the traditionalists. But there are technical details that bode well, such as acceleration from 0 to 100 km / hm in 2.9 seconds and that from 0 to 200 in 7.5 seconds. The only flaw, as indeed all that relates to the electrical world, is the battery life that strongly limits any possibility of expansion of the electric in every sector. We can also add that to give a "different" and distinctive sound compared to the classic bikes, a synthetic sound was given, with 4 riding modes and 4 different artificially generated sounds that do not presume to emulate the traditional ones, but only to give a little more emotion at each acceleration.

In an interview made by the editorial staff of about the Kymco Super Nex to the president himself Allen Ko, you can find some really interesting things. Regarding the battery life, which roughly is the real limit of this world, Mr Ko said: "it's a concept, but at a very advanced stage, the bike is fully functional and actually today its only limit is given by the batteries. We are still looking for the right compromise between autonomy and weight, two factors directly proportional to each other "

He went on to talk about the 6-speed transmission, something new for this world. "Mainly we have adopted it to make driving more exciting and secondly to gain something autonomously. The big pair of an electric always ends up in a disappointing extension, but with the adoption of a gearbox you can exploit it even at high speeds, without counting the emotional factor, which makes it look much more like an endothermic bike. " p>

He concluded the interview by saying that the true intention of this concept is to evaluate and challenge the opinions and opinions of experts and especially enthusiasts, announcing real news that at the moment can not unveil.